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Crystal bracelet - I listen to my loving voice

Sale price400,00 kr

The crystal bracelet is handmade and created by me.

This bracelet is for you who find that you need to listen more to the loving voice inside you and less to your inner critic.

Remember that the crystals are natural and may vary slightly in colour.

Read about the energy of crystals

Strawberry quartz helps you to let go of over-analysing and act more from your loving voice.
The smoky quartz is one of the most effective crystals for grounding and anchoring while it still lifts the vibrations during, among other things, meditation. It is a good counterbalance to stress, as it helps you to have peace of mind, balance and strengthen decision-making processes. The smoky quartz teaches you how to leave and let go of what no longer serves you.

Give your loving voice more speaking time.


Remember that you can also have your very own personalized bracelet made to support you in the area you need.