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Crystal bracelet - I am feminine

Sale price400,00 kr

The crystal bracelet is handmade and created by me.
This bracelet contains a mix of ordinary moonstone and black moonstone, giving it a mild and expressive expression in jewel-like white and gray tones.

Remember that the crystals are natural and may vary slightly in colour.

Read about the energy of the crystals:
The Moonstone is feminine in its energy. It vibrates with a very special life-giving energy and contains sensuality and feminine divinity.
Large Moonstone grounds you and supports you in a fresh start like the women's cycle starting over
Rock crystal is for everyone, it brings healing and creates harmony. It stimulates your intuitive ability to find your answers within yourself, listen to your inner wisdom and supports you in seeing clearly and gaining an overview. It strengthens and amplifies the energies of the other crystals. It has a cleansing effect in its energy. It brings light and lightness.

Perfect for you who want to give more space to your feminine side and open up your feminine energy.

We all contain feminine and masculine energy regardless of whether we are male or female. But with the way the world is put together, we as women are often very much in our masculine energy in having to do, give and perform. This bracelet shows you that there is another way to go.


Crystal bracelet - I am feminine
Crystal bracelet - I am feminine Sale price400,00 kr