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In the forest and less than 100 meters from the sea

Healing by the sea

On 20. 21. 22. June and on 22. 23. 24. August

Luxury Reiki Healing by the sea

Imagine arriving at a place that exudes peace , while you find your way, you listen to the sounds of the forest's trees. You are greeted by presence and sensuality from the moment you enter the tipi. You will be pampered with luxury , a hand push from Danske S:KØN and an eye mask from monday bliss that will moisturize and nourish your skin. I tuck you in the softest blanket. There is room for all of you and you will be kept just as you are.
During the hauling, you experience a deep calm and love within you . It all takes its place in you during the session.

Read more about how reiki healing works in your body and what it can do for you here

You leave the session filled with peace, enjoyment and well-being. But your experience doesn't stop here. You have the option of borrowing a dressing gown to extend your session by the sea with a dip in the sea, time for reflection or a delicious lunch for as long as you wish. Let the sea clean and heal further, let the forest green and balance you .

Healing by the sea is very special and only possible in June and August.

Finds the peaks in the calendar.

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"All the days that came and went, I didn't show that they were life!"

Stig Johanson - Swedish poet

Personal coaching in a group

Motivation boost

  • It is for you who want to develop yourself.
  • It is for you who want to listen to what your heart wants from you.
  • It is for you who need a motivational boost to move forward with what you dream of.
  • This one is for you who want to experience what coaching is or can do for you.

You sit with your notes while I ask coaching questions and you answer your paper. So you don't have to share your thoughts and notes with anyone if you don't want to. It creates security for you and it makes room for deep honesty with yourself.

The coaching questions I ask will help you find solutions and motivation. As well as opening up awareness and objections, so that you can break beliefs and patterns.

Coaching creates the perfect breeding ground for personal development because it will always be adapted to you and your needs at the time in question.

will return in 2024

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If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me. Fill in below or call 60 80 39 53