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Happy Heart Coach


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Happy Heart Coach

The care and support are paramount also between your sessions.

happy heart coach

Coaching, Reiki Healing, Velvære og livstil

Marie Sodemann Rasmussen

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Personal development


1:1 course adapted to your needs.
Some clients know what they want to work on when they start, others don't, but can just sense that something doesn't feel right and want help to be guided in their right direction. What both have in common is that after a coaching course they experience greater peace, joy and self-esteem.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki healing originally comes from Japan, but is widespread in the rest of the world. The Reiki healer channels universal life energy into you and gives you more energy, inner peace and activates your self-healing powers so that you can "recharge".
During a healing, you simply have to enjoy and relax.

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Stress course & test

Are you stressed, burnt out, exhausted or something inside you just feels completely wrong?

Do not hesitate to have a non-binding chat about you and your situation. Call or text 60 80 39 53 - Answer time within 24 hours on weekdays.

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Events & Courses

Is for everyone who wants to learn more about themselves and is willing to work with themselves.

Here you can sniff, feel and experience different forms of self-development. We will be together in a group and the dynamic and energy that arises when there are more of us together is magical.
At all my events and courses, you will experience insight, learning, well-being and pampering

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process Clients


client "It really is a lovely course that is like balm for soul and body. Marie is a mega fantastic person who inspires, guides and engages you in so many areas. The course is organized with a plan from the start, and I really can do that like."

Client "The whole process has helped me to understand that I need to include myself as well"


Participant from events


Participant “Luxury, exclusive delicious food. Peace and comfort. A lovely day with some good exercises and inspiration"

Participant “The best thing I take with me from today is an insight into myself and my thoughts, which can sometimes fly around. I really got a kick out of it”


Clients on the Reiki Course


Client "I can feel that I am happier, my husband can also feel a change in me. And it has taken the top off my pain"

Client "I have had difficulty sleeping. After my Reiki Healing sessions I experience a deep calmness and I am sure that it is the healing that has helped me to sleep better at night. This is truly a satisfying way to experience recovery ."


Danish & Handmade

Your personal Krystal bracelet

Get your very personal bracelet made with an accompanying mantra that helps you stay focused on your wishes and dreams. You are involved in the process to get the best match for you.

Also perfect for a personalized gift. Create a bracelet for someone you love or let them create their own.

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Happy Heart Coach
Garboparken 48, 4550 Asnæs, Denmark

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