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Reiki Healing

Channeling the universal life energy

Reiki Healing

A healing course consists of a minimum of 4 sessions and works on a deeper level without you having to do a lot here and now in your everyday life. Instead, healing creates more energy, inner peace and activates your self-healing powers so you can "recharge". Reiki healing originally comes from Japan, but is widespread in the rest of the world. The Reiki healer channels universal life energy into you by placing my hands on different positions on your body and head. During a healing, you simply have to enjoy and relax. - While you let go of having to do a lot, you simply have to be without pressure and expectations of yourself.

Reiki Healing Course

4 sessions - Reiki healing

In this package you get 4 sessions.
of 75 minutes duration

Reiki healing is for you who lack energy and who feel flat and tired. During Reiki, a recharge takes place, but this usually takes a day to fall into place. Therefore, I always recommend that you get the first 4 sessions within a relatively short time. Since Reiki often works in such a way that there is usually a cleansing the first few times and then comes the real healing work.

Clients experience that they become happier, lighter in mind, that they sleep better and that pain is alleviated, for example. The healing creates an inner peace of mind and body that many long for.

These 4 sessions are also a strong initiative to transition to coaching or a mix with a coaching course. - contact me if you want to combine my products.

Your sessions are in my clinic. After your first session, we plan the following 3. I always follow up with my clients between sessions because it gives you optimal support.

Price: NOK 3,000 including VAT

You can easily and simply buy your course or book your non-binding interview here
Or contact me on 60 80 39 53

Extra Sessions

1 session - Reiki healing

It is only possible to buy individual sessions when you have had 4 sessions with Reiki Healing.
of 75 minutes duration.

Your sessions are in my clinic. I always follow up after sessions to give you the best possible support.

Price: NOK 850 including VAT

You can easily and simply buy your individual session in my calendar or contact me on 60 80 39 53


Frequently Asked Questions About Reiki Healing

"I have had difficulty sleeping. After my Reiki Healing sessions, I experience a deep calmness and I am sure that it is the healing that has helped me to sleep better at night.

This is truly a satisfying way to experience recovery.”

"Healing with Marie has made me clear and calm in a challenging situation. I have felt the energy work where it is needed and a calm and grounding has been created in me, so that I can make decisions from a more considered place "

"I can feel that I am happier, my husband can also feel a change in me. And it has taken the top off my pain"

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If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact me. Fill in below or call 60 80 39 53