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Here you will find a selection of polished crystals that are well suited for both decoration and pocket stones. The size, shape and colors last longer as these are 100% natural products. Feel free to write if you have special wishes in the comments field when you order.

Good to know: Crystals contain an energy that brings us a message and a lesson. They are linked to star signs, chakras, emotions, etc. Their energy is always the same, understood in this way that they do not suddenly contain a different energy that must read us different things and come with a different message - it is always the same. However, the crystals can be discharged and need both cleaning and recharging.

My personal tip: Always go with the crystals you're drawn to, whether it's their shape, energy, properties or color. choosing crystals is about attraction and frequently you will find that your interest in the different crystals fluctuates.

Crystals as a tool in your self-development: Crystals come with an energy and a message, that doesn't mean they just fix you. You must work with your crystals, you can choose to sit with them purely physically, carry them in your pocket or place them in places in your home as physical anchors to remember you, to keep your focus on what you want and the energy which the crystal comes with.
I myself love to have a small set-up/composition of crystals by my bed, my work space or in my bathroom. They are replaced when I set new goals and intentions for myself, my life and my business.

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Rock crystal - Pocket stoneRock crystal - Pocket stone
Rock crystal - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr
Tiger Eye - Pocket Stone
Tiger Eye - Pocket Stone Sale price40,00 kr
Sodalite - Pocket stone
Sodalite - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr
Smoky Quartz - Pocket Stone
Smoky Quartz - Pocket Stone Sale price40,00 kr
Red Jasper - Pocket stone
Red Jasper - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr
Rose Quartz - Pocket StoneRose Quartz - Pocket Stone
Rose Quartz - Pocket Stone Sale price40,00 kr
Moss agate - Pocket stone
Moss agate - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr
Aventurine - Pocket stoneAventurine - Pocket stone
Aventurine - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr
Amethyst - Pocket stoneAmethyst - Pocket stone
Amethyst - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr
Amazonite - Pocket stoneAmazonite - Pocket stone
Amazonite - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr