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Amazonite - Pocket stone

Sale price40,00 kr

Pocket stone approx. 2.5-4 cm vary in size, shape and colors as they are natural products.

Properties: Powerful & Calming – Balancing – True to yourself – Letting go

Amazonite is a gentle and mild crystal that has a calming effect on the brain and nervous system. It balances the masculine and feminine while raising your level of consciousness. Amazonite also supports you in reducing worry, fear and anxiety. It is associated with the heart and throat chakra and strengthens loving speech. This crystal supports you to look inward and feel your own limits and feel your needs, so that you can act differently in your outer world.

NOTE: several of the crystals in stock also contain quartz and have a fantastic energy. The more durable in color from light fine green to strong turquoise.

If you have a special wish, you are welcome to write it in the comments field when ordering and I will do my best to accommodate your wish.

Amazonit lommesten
Amazonite - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr