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Aventurine - Pocket stone

Sale price40,00 kr

Pocket stone approx. 2.5-4 cm vary in size, shape and colors as they are natural products.

Traits: Adventure – Prosperity – Creativity – Luck – Determination

Aventurine comes in several colors, but this green Aventurine brings luck in all areas of life, brings joy, endless possibilities, prosperity and a sense of adventure. Stimulate the feeling that everything is possible and positivity. Good in the leadership role or to support the mothering role because it is said to increase leadership qualities. Aventurine connects to your heart chakra. So this crystal contains the energy of your life being filled with adventure and dreams but in accordance with your heart and your soul's calling.

If you have a special wish, you are welcome to write it in the comments field when ordering and I will do my best to accommodate your wish.

Aventurin Lommesten
Aventurine - Pocket stone Sale price40,00 kr