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Personalized Crystal bracelet

Sale price1.000,00 kr

Have your very personal bracelet made with an accompanying mantra that helps and supports you to stay focused on your wishes and dreams. You are involved in the process to get the best match for you.

Perfect for the very personal gift. Design for a loved one or let them design their own

This is what the process looks like
First, I need to know something about the person who will have the bracelet, in order to give the best possible result. Therefore, there will be a number of questions that must be answered before we start.

  1. When the questions are answered, I start looking for the crystals that can best help and support with the energy they now once have. I will send a minimum of 2 sets with pictures and descriptions, this is what I think could be a good match.
  2. The bracelet owner notices which descriptions and crystals feel right and which are a good match. Should nothing fit quite right, we will have a telephone conversation and I will hear more about you before I come up with 2 new options.
  3. It is decided which crystals are wanted. Then I return with 3 – 5 mantras (supporting phrases) that can best support together with the chosen bracelet.
  4. The mantra that best suits the owner of the bracelet is chosen.

Now the final approval of bracelets with selected crystals and mantra has taken place.

  1. I tie the bracelet and attach your mantra and description to the selected crystals.

You will receive the bracelet within 3 weeks.

Personligt Krystal armbånd
Personalized Crystal bracelet Sale price1.000,00 kr