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Body Scrub

These body scrubs transform your skin care routine into pure well-being and a luxury experience and give you silky smooth and radiant skin. Choose the type of body scrub that suits you best.

With the Mineral scrub, you get a medium peeling of the skin because the salt crystals melt during use and the nutrients are absorbed through the skin. The oil in the scrub nourishes and after plates the skin blood and moisturized.

The Crystal peeling is more for you who want to stimulate the blood circulation a little more and remove dead skin cells effectively. Afterwards, the skin is left clean and cleansed, ready to absorb the full nutrition from your cream or boby oil.

My personal tip: - Pamper your hands or feet with a scrub too. We so often forget the huge work both our hands and feet do every day, so give them a little extra love. Have any a Heavenly standing by the sink use a little before bed and make a closing mask with your hands after use, enjoy the homes scent of lavender before bed.

Body oil as a tool in your self-development: - While you spread the oil, you let your hands caress the body while you tell yourself that your skin is beautiful, you have nice thighs or other nice things that are important for your self-esteem to put into words and take into your heart. You can also simply say "I love you body, thank you so much for the work you do for me every day"

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Body Scrub - EnergizingBody Scrub - Energizing
Body Scrub - Energizing Sale price249,00 kr
Body Scrub - Crystal PeelingBody Scrub - Crystal Peeling
Body Scrub - Crystal Peeling Sale price249,00 kr
Body Scrub - HeavenlyBody Scrub - Heavenly
Body Scrub - Heavenly Sale price249,00 kr