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Aroma Lamp - Mon·Day Bliss

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Experience pure zen with the Mon·Day Bliss Aromatherapy Tealight Lamp - the ultimate combination of beauty and harmony. This lamp is more than just a lighting item; it is a true work of art that brings the beauty of nature into your home.

The aroma lamp is produced in a small ceramics workshop in Portugal, where Carla Mickelborg, together with the workshop, has developed just the right shape and glaze to achieve the rustic look she felt was missing from the aroma lamp market. All the lamps are slightly different, as they are handmade according to our so-called mother mold.

My personal opinion: Carla has really seen a gap in the market! I have personally missed a design like this. She hits the spot and has created a beauty I appreciate daily in my routines with aromatherapy. When you light a tealight candle in this lamp, you experience an enchanting dance of shadows and light that fills the room with an atmosphere of calm and well-being.

Use the aroma lamp to heat up your chosen aromatherapy oil so that the scent spreads slowly and pleasantly in the room.
How to do it: Fill the bowl of the aroma lamp with water and add 3-10 drops of oil. Place a lighted tealight candle under the bowl.

Place the lamp out of the reach of children.

Give your home the perfect balance between aesthetics and harmony with the Mon·Day Bliss Aromatherapy Lamp. Let its beauty soothe your senses and create an inner sanctuary for relaxation. Experience true zen in your everyday life with this unique aromatherapy lamp.

Aroma Lampe
Aroma Lamp - Mon·Day Bliss Sale price449,00 kr