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Heavenly - Aromatherapy

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Experience Heavenly one of the 3 essential oils from S:KØN it contains Lavender, Grapefruit and Ylang Ylang in Perfect Harmony.

Take time for self-pampering and insight into a world of calm, beauty and well-being with Heavenly. This extraordinary composition of lavender, grapefruit and ylang ylang is created to create a harmonious and refreshing experience that you will love to include in your daily routine.

Lavender : The gentle, soothing scent of lavender is known for its relaxing properties and ability to reduce stress and promote calmness and sleep.

Grapefruit : The exuberant aroma of grapefruit brings a sense of refreshment and vitality. It clears the mind and renews your energy.

Ylang Ylang : Ylang Ylang oil's sensual and exotic scent helps release tension and promote feelings of love and well-being.

Together, these three essential oils create an irresistible scent experience and a number of benefits:
Aromatherapy: Use Heavenly essential oil in your diffuser to create an oasis of relaxation and inner peace in your home.

Massage: Blend the oil with a carrier oil to create a luxurious massage oil that relieves tension and nourishes your skin.

Self care: Create your very own spa experience by adding a few drops to your bath water in tub or foot bath.

Tip for more easy and simple everyday luxury: put 5 drops into your shower cabin and enjoy a nice bath. Especially after a long day, the Heavenly fragrance is my own Go To to calm my body and mind. Also try Heavenly as a delicious body scrub.

Give yourself the gift you deserve and surround yourself with beauty and harmony. Heavenly from S:KØN is your key to achieving inner balance and outer beauty. Buy your bottle today and enjoy moments of heavenly well-being, every day!

Heavenly - Aroma terapi
Heavenly - Aromatherapy Sale price269,00 kr