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Crystal bracelet - I am light

Sale price400,00 kr

The crystal bracelet is handmade and created by me. It exudes femininity, light and lightness.

Remember that the crystals are natural and may vary slightly in colour.

Read about the energy of crystals
The peach moon stone brings a love for yourself. It brings light into your heart and reminds you to look at yourself with loving eyes.

Rock crystal The rock crystal is for everyone, it brings healing and creates harmony. It stimulates your intuitive ability to find your answers within yourself, listen to your inner wisdom and supports you in seeing clearly and gaining an overview. It strengthens and amplifies the energies of the other crystals. It has a cleansing effect in its energy. It brings light and lightness. .

The story behind this bracelet:
This bracelet is something very special to me. I have created it with one of the mantras/supportive phrases I myself have been working with a few years ago in mind.

I was a tall girl and was told that I was too heavy to be lifted on.. I have looked after others, rejected myself as a child and was a master in plays and choir pieces.

This gave me for many years a notion, a thought and feeling of being masculine and too big/tall and heavy. It stuck with me for many years... - being too heavy and a little too big.
That's why I worked with the phrase "It's easy for me to feel feminine and light"
It has been a huge help in working with the view of myself and my feeling around myself.

I would like to invite you to work with this bracelet in the way that speaks to you.


Crystal bracelet - I am light
Crystal bracelet - I am light Sale price400,00 kr