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Crystal bracelet - I see my own light

Sale price400,00 kr

The crystal bracelet is handmade and created by me.
This bracelet is one of my own personal favorites. I love the freshness but also the strong power that lies in standing up for yourself, standing up in your own light and daring to stand and be seen as the whole person we are.

Perfect for you who are ready to present yourself and shine as the beautiful soul you are.

Remember that the crystals are natural and may vary slightly in colour.

Read about the energy of crystals

Peace's agate / white agate gives you a deep inner peace to be yourself and live your own truth
Rock crystal is for everyone, it brings healing and creates harmony. It stimulates your intuitive ability to find your answers within yourself, listen to your inner wisdom and supports you in seeing clearly and gaining an overview. It strengthens and amplifies the energies of the other crystals. It has a cleansing effect in its energy. It brings light and lightness.
Citrine carries the cancer of the sun within it. It infuses warmth, joy and gives you energy to manifest your visions and dreams.


Remember that if you don't find a bracelet that matches you, you can have a personalized one made to support you in exactly what it wants to illuminate in your life.

Crystal bracelet - I see my own light
Crystal bracelet - I see my own light Sale price400,00 kr