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Body Oil - NourisingBody Oil - Nourishing
Body Oil - Nourishing Sale price369,00 kr
Body Oil - RestoringBody Oil - Restoration
Body Oil - Restoration Sale price349,00 kr
Body Oil - EnergizingBody Oil - Energizing
Body Oil - Energizing Sale price229,00 kr
Body Oil - HappyBody Oil - Happy
Body Oil - Happy Sale price229,00 kr

Body oils

The use of body oils has countless benefits and can be a great addition to your daily beauty routine. Boby oils are intensively moisturizing. They penetrate deep into the skin layers and leave the skin smooth, soft and well cared for. The oils help seal the moisture in the skin and prevent loss of hydration.

My personal tip: - Body oils are time-saving, delicious self-indulgence. Use it directly on your wet skin after your shower and air dry while still wiping the shower cabin. You save time and the shower cabin retains the aroma so you get an optimal sensory experience

Body oil as a tool in your self-development: - While you apply the oil, you let your hands caress the body while you tell yourself that your skin is beautiful, you have nice thighs or other nice things that are important for your self-esteem to put into words put on and take into your heart. You can also simply say "I love you body, thank you so much for the work you do for me every day"