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Foot bath from Bali - Mon·Day Bliss

Sale price299,00 kr

Immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and well-being when you step your feet into this unique zinc tub. The smooth curves and rustic charm add an extra dimension to your foot bath while you enjoy the soothing and rejuvenating properties.

Perfectly designed to give you the ultimate feeling of well-being, this zinc tub from Bali will take your home spa experiences to new heights. Treat yourself to a luxury foot bath in this beautiful tub, and let the Mon·Day Bliss Zinc Tub from Bali be your portal to pure relaxation and beauty. Welcome to your own little piece of paradise.

Tip. Try adding 3 drops of one of the lovely essential oils or a tablespoon of bath salts to the warm water and benefit from the good properties and enchanting scents.

The story: The zinc vessel is from Bali, which in Bali is actually used as offering bowls for fruit and flowers. Carla, founder of MonDay Bliss, bought one herself from Bali years ago, and has been using it as a foot bath ever since. With the help of, she has now brought the dishes home. The pattern varies from dish to dish, but all have a diameter of 40 cm. so there is plenty of room for the feet.