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Mon·Day Bliss

Mon·Day Bliss and Happy Heart Coach / Carla and I have wishes, dreams and a message to the world that go together incredibly well. That is why I have chosen to also carry her products on my page. Beyond that, her products and designs are super delicious and totally irresistible in my opinion.

In 2018, Carla Mickelborg started the concept of making Monday "my day", because in the word Monday lies a hidden meaning when translating the French Mon to my and day until today.

All products from MonDay Bliss are made to increase energy, joy and awareness in our everyday life. They are created to help us relax and find focus. Actually, it is not the dressing gown, the beautiful gemstones or the scent of essential oils – that make us happy. That's the feeling behind it. MonDay is about daring to make room for contemplation, and to see the love, joy and miracles in our lives.

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Gratitude Journal - Mon·Day BlissGratitude Journal - Mon·Day Bliss
Aroma Therapy Oil - Mon·Day Bliss Aroma Therapy Oil - Mon·Day Bliss
Eye mask - Mon·Day BlissEye mask - Mon·Day Bliss
Eye mask - Mon·Day Bliss Sale price39,00 kr
Aroma Lamp - Mon·Day BlissAroma Lamp - Mon·Day Bliss
Aroma Lamp - Mon·Day Bliss Sale price449,00 kr
Foot bath from Bali - Mon·Day BlissFoot bath from Bali - Mon·Day Bliss