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Gratitude Journal - Mon·Day Bliss

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Discover the joy of gratitude with the Monday Bliss Gratitude Journal! Our journal is your key to cultivating a positive and grateful attitude in your daily lifestyle.

Carla - "You cannot love what you do not appreciate. And what you do not appreciate, you reject. Remember the joy, with gratitude."

With beautiful clean pages and inspirational quotes, you will be guided to reflect on the good things in life, big and small. Through the daily practice of gratitude, you can transform your state of mind, create more joy and depth in your everyday life, and appreciate the treasures that are already part of your life.

How to do it: You simply write down what you are happy about. It can be things that happened, experiences, feelings, people, your physical things, big or small, it's not important. You can't do it wrong. The criterion for success is wanting to try!

My personal tip: When I started cultivating gratitude, it was often 3 good things I wrote down that I forgot to really feel them in my heart. That's why I added a BECAUSE... I am grateful for my morning coffee because it supports me in being present and creates the calm I need at the moment before my work day starts..

The book contains blank pages. But every thirty-one days you get a little text to think about in the coming month. The text is written based on the principles of expanding the joy within us by sharing it with others, from the book A Course in Miracles (1976, Helen Schucman). The purpose is to heal the mind by choosing to see with love instead of fear.

Start your journey towards a more grateful and positive existence with the Monday Bliss Gratitude Diary. It is the perfect companion for appreciating the moments that really matter. Make gratitude a part of your routine and see how it transforms your approach to life.


Gratitude Journal - Mon·Day Bliss
Gratitude Journal - Mon·Day Bliss Sale price299,00 kr